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Devilbiss DV1 Spray Gun – Clear and Base Editions

$764.50$984.50 inc. GST

• Gravity-Fed gun

• Comes in 1.2mm or 1.3mm nozzle

• Revised gun ergonomics

• Low maintenance, easy cleaning

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Devilbiss' DV1 Gravity Feed gun provides a new take on ergonomics for better comfort and grip to ensure the gun feels natural, like an extension of your arm, making it easier to go around with. Take for example, the air control valve. For the first time ever, Devilbiss have combined it with the air inlet. This gives you more consistent airflow, but it also makes the gun lighter and easier to clean, as there is one less part. The components are quick to remove and low maintenance, which results in time savings. To make it even better they are tough, everything is made to last. Down to the PTFE coated springs. So there is no need to keep changing parts, you can focus on the job. This gun provides the control you want and the performance you need along with the ease of use and cleaning.

Both the DV1 Basecoat and DV1 Clearcoat have features that revitalise the spraying process, including;

- Silent-action trigger designed to remove sideways and rotary play to deliver a soft, smooth pull.
- Quick release air cap for quick and easy changes and easy access to the fluid tip.
- Integrated digital gauge placed in-line at eye level for quick, easy checking while providing precise inlet pressures for optimal gun performance.
- Streamlined gun body with an ultra-comfortable ergonomic fit and feel to provide sprayers balance, optimal control, and less fatigue.
- Reconfigured air adjusting valve placed in an ergonomic location for more comfort and 12 times the sensitivity for precise air control adjustments and smoother airflow.
- Simplified air valve for maximised fluid needle alignment and durability, minimised component wear, and easier removal and serviceability.

Other features of the DV1 Clearcoat gun include;

Atomisation - Provides the right atomisation for the right application, producing an even distribution of fine, uniformly sized particles that effortlessly wets up a surface and flawlessly hangs on vertical panels.
Performance - Delivers optimal performance, maximising fluid flow and optimising atomisation, allowing painters to move quickly and efficiently while applying a flawless finish.
Ease of Use - Provides ease of use, enabling easy set-up and easy spraying and capable of replicating nearly any finish, virtually effortlessly.
Power and Efficiency - Offers more power and efficiency, stabilising air velocity while optimising air pressure required to atomise clearcoats, delivering a glass-like, mirror finish with less overspray.
Transfer Efficiency - Improves transfer efficiency, enabling painters to use less material, have less waste, and save more time completing each job.

Other features of the DV1 Basecoat gun include;

Air cap - The new DV1-B PLUS air cap represents the next generation of atomisation performance, producing a smooth, fine finish even with the most stubborn basecoats.
Air and Fluid Management - The DV1 produces a perfectly balanced and consistent spray pattern to achieve precise colour matches, seamless transitions and blends, and remarkably smooth finishes.
Fluid Tip - The new design dramatically increases the air velocity at the tip, while maximising fluid suction through the gun, yielding an increased and more stable fluid flow for better colour reproduction.

Both guns can be used with either solvent-based or water-based paint materials.

Suitable uses for the Devilbiss DV1 guns are areas such as;

  • 2K basecoat applications
  • 2K clearcoat applications
  • Automotive and industrial painting.
  • Repair work
  • Custom spray painting
  • Custom Artwork

Tech Specs

Devilbiss Basecoat DV1:
Nozzle Size [mm] Air Pressure @ Gun Inlet [bar] Air Consumption [l/min] Fluid Flow [g/min] Spray Pattern Length [mm]
1.2 2 300 140-190 325
1.3 2 300 140-190 325
Devilbiss Clearcoat DV1:
Nozzle Size [mm] Air Pressure @ Gun Inlet [bar] Air Consumption [l/min] Fluid Flow [g/min] Spray Pattern Length [mm]
1.2 2 285 140-190 325
1.3 2 285 140-190 325

For the product manual from Devilbiss for the Clearcoat gun click here or for the Basecoat gun click here. Likewise, if you already have the gun and are looking for the spare parts list for the Clearcoat gun you can find it here, or for the Basecoat here. And if you would like even more information you can take a look at the product details on the DeVilbiss website here. You can also check out Devilbiss' YouTube video below to see them in action. If you have any other questions or want to discuss this product in more depth feel free to contact us at your nearest store or call our Head Office on 02 4721 3301.

Devilbiss DV1 Clearcoat Gun:

Devilbiss DV1 Basecoat Gun:

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 23 cm

Clear 1.2mm Non-Digital, Clear 1.3mm Non-Digital, Clear 1.3mm Digital, Basecoat 1.2mm Non-Digital, Basecoat 1.2mm Digital, Basecoat 1.3mm Non-Digital, Basecoat 1.3mm Digital

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